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Adult English Bulldogs

                                                                                                                        Letter from the Breeder:

This is D-Bestbullies last year of breeding bulldogs. We do not intend to bred any of our bulldogs after the end of September
2020. All Bulldogs on this web site is for Sale. I want you to know that they are not potty trained. They are kennel dogs and
have a 4 x 4 inside space and a 4 X 16 out door space with a doggie door to go in and out of. They all know to go out side
to take care of business. So if you have a doggie door you would not have any problems. Also, none of our bulldogs have
been around children much, so I want you to be careful and watch their behaviors around children. Most of my dogs are
very friendly and love people. Most of the females are only 2/3 years old and prime time to make babies. I can have them
spayed upon request. I am not asking much and you can call for availability and pricing. Linda 903-335-0372 We care
deeply about our babies (adult) We raised all from a puppy and just want them to go to safe forever homes.