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Female English Bulldogs

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Female English Bulldogs

Female English Bulldog

CARMEL, is red and white in color, she has a red nose which makes her a Chocolate. She is very short, round and plump with a bubbly personality.

Female English Bulldog

KIT KAT, is a chocolate tri in color. Pictures do not do her justice. She is beautiful and expecting her to produce beautiful babies. Can't wait.


PENNY CANDY   born  06/11/2017
RUBY   black and white in color was born 09/28/2017
PEARL     born 02/17/2017
PENNY, is red and white in color. Penny Candy is her legal name and she loves to eat. We have to watch her weight or it could get out of hand.
MELEE, born 10/06/2017   is blue fawn tri. She is lovable and plain snoopy, and gets into every bodies business.
RED NUGGET    born  04/20/2017    
RITZ   born 07/27/2018        
ANNIE     born  04/12/2018   

GYPSY, red and white in color was born 12/16/2017

TESS, red and white in color was born 06/05/2018. She is low to the ground and very pregnant at the time the pictures were taken. 

TAFFY, Grey and white in color was born 04/17/2018   $1800.00

with breeding rights.

PATCHZ, red and white in color is from champion bloodlines. She does not play well with the other girls, and has play time along and she likes it that way.

BUFFY, Blue fawn and white in color, Born 08/25/2018   Can product Blue/Grey puppies if bred to a blue/grey male.