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Health Guarantee

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D-Best Bullies Health Guarantee/Contract

AKC REG. NO. ______________________,COLOR_____________________________
DATE OF BIRTH _____________________, SEX ______________________________
SIRE __________________________________________________________________
DAM __________________________________________________________________

All Bulldogs bred and sold by D-BEST BULLIES are accompanied by an accurate, up-to-

date medical history. Dogs are checked by a veterinarian prior to delivery or shipping and

are guaranteed to be sound and in good health at this time. However, on PUPPIES whose

age at a date of sale precludes completion of the scheduled series of inoculations, it is

necessary for the purchaser to complete the scheduled series of inoculations ON TIME, in

order to protect the puppy and for this health guarantee to remain valid. A timetable for this

series of inoculations will be supplied on the medical history of the puppy. In addition, until

this series of inoculations has been complete (about 16 weeks of age) the puppy should not

be exposed to premises known to be suspected of being contaminated, or unhealthy 


D-BEST BULLIES certifies that at the time of sale and to the best of our knowledge, the puppy

will be free of any congenital birth defects. Our puppies are guaranteed against parvovirus,

distemper, and hepatitis, at the time of sale. This guarantee does not include kennel cough which
is like a common cold. Kennel cough must run its course, recovery is expected and kennel cough
on its own is not life threatening. Buyer is aware that English Bulldogs are prone to heat stroke

and will be responsible to provide an environment that is healthy for their puppy.  Buyer has also

researched, is knowledgeable of, and the following conditions are not covered in the congenital
or hereditary health guarantee: demodectic
mange, cherry eye, entropian, "loose hips" skin allergies,
coccidian, internal parasites, bacterial or viral infections, elongated soft palette, and nasal snares.


The buyer is advised to have this puppy examined by a competent veterinarian of the buyers'

choice within 3 working days to assure them that they have purchased a healthy puppy. This 

will be done at the purchaser's expense. Under no circumstances will D-Best Bullies be 

responsible for any veterinarian bills acquired by the purchaser for this puppy. Minor, breed 

related, treatable or correctable conditions, or any condition that may go away or is considered

to be a condition which a puppy will likely outgrow, are not covered.

D-BEST BULLIES DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS. We will give a replacement puppy, but only for

life threatening genetic disease. If a health issue arises within the first SIX MONTHS which your

Vet believe could possible be a life threatening genetic disease the following are the options:

    (1) A written explanation from a licensed veterinarian and backed up with lab work or x-rays

as to the nature of the problem. 

    (2) A second opinion from a Vet whom D-Best Bullies have approved in advance to 

examine the puppy for signs of abuse or for life threatening congenital defect.

    (3) Return the puppy  and AKC papers to us at buyers expense. If you are unwilling to 

release the puppy and AKC papers into my possession, I will not be responsible for any

medical expenses incurred nor will I be a part of the recovery process.

    (4) Proof that the puppy was examined by a certified veterinarian no later than 3 working days

after receiving the puppy.

If the Vet's prognosis is that of the puppy has a life threatening genetic disease and all of the 

above criteria are met, we will replace a puppy of equal value when one comes available.

No problems other than life threatening congenital defects are covered in this agreement.

D-BEST BULLIES offer this guarantee until the puppy reaches six months of age. If at any

time you transfer ownership of the puppy, this agreement is void immediately.

D-BEST BULLIES is not responsible for the health of this Puppy after the 72 hour period.

D-BEST BULLIES cannot guarantee that any male Puppy sold will have two testicles.
D-BEST BULLIES will grant all its dogs with full breeding rights unless otherwise specified.
If the dog is unable to breed for any reason D-BEST BULLIES is not responsible and cannot
guarantee the fertility of a male or female puppy. A show quality puppy is sold as such based
on buyers best judgment at the time of sale. The puppy sold is guarantee to be from show
quality stock as supported by the pedigree, but D-BEST BULLIES cannot guarantee the

continued development of the individual Puppy's show potential.

I understand that this puppy can NEVER be turned in at a shelter, rescue organization or
unqualified home and if circumstances require a new home for my puppy, buyer will contact
Seller so Seller can provide assistance in finding a secure and safe home.
Because of the variety of quality dog foods available, we require that all D-Best Bullies be kept on
NuVet Plus Canine. This nutritional supplement is only available through breeder recommendation.
You are expected to have this on hand before your puppy leaves our home. The order line phone
number is 1-800-474-7044. Your order code is 84232.  You must order on "auto shipment" as a
stipulation of this contract. This auto shipment does two things: (1) ensures that you have the supplement
available; and (2) ensures that your contract remains valid. We receive a monthly report from NuVet
detailing D-Best Bullies dogs are receiving their supplements. Our contract with you is null and void
if you do not receive auto-shipment from NuVet of Canine Supplement for the entire first year of ownership.

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