Male English Bulldogs

NATE, Red and white in color is from Champion bloodlines. He is  a son of Presley. He looks like his daddy a lot. Has a big head. He is a year old and still has some growing to do.
JOCK, blue and white in color is a full blood brother to Jaggar, sharing same parent (Blackjack and Ashley) just from a different litter. Jock D-Best Blue Collar Man is his full name. He is a true blue and carries the
d/d gene.
RYLIE, is red and white in color and is a very handsome young male. Has great build and is very energetic and can jump onto a window seal to get into our bedroom. We have to close the window when he is out playing.

BIG SMO, is blue and white in color. Smo is a huge gentle giant. He has a big head, feet, thick chest, and short. Around 70 lbs. Sweet, Sweet.

HONOR, is red and white in color and a very handsome young stud. He has the best of the bestest
personalities. You just can't keep from loving him.
TANK, is red and white in color and very short and stocky, huge head, lots of wrinkles and a sweet
RAMBO, is a black tri and has nice marking. Rambo is new to our breeding program and we are
expecting a lot of nice looking little tri babies running around soon.

BLUE DYNAMO, is a blue fawn that carries Chocolate as well as the blue. He is young and full of
get up and go. Expecting a lot of nice looking puppies in the new future.

TRUMP, is black and white in color and he carries the blue gene. His full name is USA Trump.
He is the son of Jock and is a half brother to Smo.

BOX CAR WILLIE is red and white in color and is strong as a ox and loves walks where he will pull
you all the way. He is full of get up and go.


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