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Male English Bulldogs

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Male English Bulldogs

Male English Bulldog Big Smo 2

BIG SMO, is blue and white in color. Smo is a huge gentle giant. He has a big head, feet, thick chest, and short. Around 70 lbs. Sweet, Sweet.

Male English Bulldog Curbow2 CURBOW, is blue tri in color, very handsome guy. These pictures were taken when he was around a year old. He  has grow and will update his pictures next update.
HERCULES, is a chocolate seal in color. He belongs to my friend Susie Brown (not related) Hercules is available for stud. Contact Susie Brown 469-719-1672 located in Terrell, Texas


RIGGS, is red and white in color. Riggs is the new stud around here. He is very nice build with a good size head. We

will produce nice looking puppies.