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Though the breed has many common characteristics, bulldogs have personalities almost as varied as humans (allow me to introduce ours). Today's bulldog has a very different temperament from those of his ancestors. Although the English Bulldog's appearance can be somewhat intimidating, it is among the gentlest of dogs.  Strangers will probably keep a distance because of their fierce-looking demeanor, but freinds and family will fall in love with him.  Bulldogs are described as very affectionate, and dependable.  Bulldogs are very much a "people" breed: A lot of human attention is required for the breed's happiness.  Generally, the Bulldog is a quiet, even tempered pet. He does not bounce, dig, or bark a lot. He is easy to take care of, loyal, and will love the entire family (although he will probably have a favorite). When Bulldogs are young, they are full of energy, but slow down as they get older. Unfortunately, because bulldogs are quiet and happy to lounge around in the sun all day, people tend to think that they don't need exercise. Exercise is very important if you want to have a happy healthy adult dog. Adults do not require a lot of vigorous exercise -- walking your dog regularly, and playing with them occasionally, should be sufficient. If left to their devices, even in a very spacious yard, bulldogs will probably not run around; they will wait for someone to come outside and play with them. Click to browse our puppies.