The Puppies

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Darcee and Rambo had a litter 03/28/17
Sophie and Tank had a litter 03/28/2017
Sarah and Willie had a litter 03/29/2017
Chole and Nate had a litter 03/30/2017
Lily and Honor had a litter 04/13/2017  (pictures coming next update)
Rosie and Dynamo had a litter 04/19/2017
Ellie and Rylie had a litter 04/24/2017
Cottonelle andTank had a litter 05/09/2017
Skrinky Dink and Nate are expecting a litter 05/23/2017
Cracker and Dynamo are expecting a litter 05/26/2017
Amica and Smo are expecting a litter 05/27/2017


The newest arrivals

English Bulldog puppies nose will turn completely black in time.
English Bulldogs puppies eyes are not completely focused and will improve in time.

Fannie and Willie pups born 03/17/2017
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Male #1 Male #2


Pie and Smo pups born 03/20/2017
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Male #1 Male #2


Jam and Smo pups born 03/26/2017
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Female #1 Male #1

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